सी. एम. पी. पहल -

अंतिम अद्यतनीकरण : 14-11-2018

क्रम संख्या पहल कक्षा - विषय शिक्षण उद्देश्य शुरू की गई परिकल्पना शिक्षण उद्देश्य महसूस की या नहीं प्रभारी शिक्षक और पदनाम
1 Activity based teaching Class I to V Enable the students to apprehend more on the concept of the subject हां All PRTs
2 TLM Class I to V Maximum understanding of subject matter in a methodical way हां All PRTs
3 Educational Film shows Class I to V An exposure to various moral lessons and help the students to shape up their personality हां All PRTs
4 Children are participating in CCA activities. Class I to V Paricipating in various activities as given in the CCA calendar हां All PRTs
5 Worksheets are prepared for conducting feedback for all the children from classes I to V Class I to V Feedbacks, performance of child, Remedial work, Parent-Teacher Meeting हां All PRTs